Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Top 10 Basketball Pet Peeves

1.  kicking the basketball
2. people who cannot handle losing
3. people who cannot handle winning
4. people who play offense and no d
5. people who do not run the floor
6. people who do not box out
7. people who say your fouling when you are not fouling
8. fancy moves from players who have no business trying them
9. fancy moves that do not get the team closer to scoring a basket
10. losing because of a lack of effort or winning despite a lack of effort (then shoving it in the other team's face)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

5 Star Players' Games if They Were Rap Song

1.Kobe Byrant- "Hit'em Up" Tupac

Kobe Bryant plays a relentless game that seeks revenge on all those who doubted he could do it without Shaq. His statement "I got more rings than Shaq" is comparable to Tupac's "little homey's" line "Get out the way yo, get out the way yo, Biggie Smalls just got dropped."

Now that Shaq has teamed up with the Celtics, and other Kobe mortal enemies Paul Pierce and Ray Allen, he has the chance to hate on Shaq's buddies like Tupac hated on "Lil' Kim yah coked up or doped up, get your little junior mafia whopper click smoked up."

And just like with Tupac, the Celtics, the Knicks, the Bulls and the Heat don't want to see "the West Side ride the night" and for the East Coast Kobe is still "the Thug that you love to hate."

2. Steve Nash - "Young Forever" Jay Z

Steve Nash and his 11+ assists has us believing, just like Jay Z, that he has a long time to stay relevant and that he is going to be "forever young."

Nash lives where "the sun's always out and you never get cold."

Like this song, Nash's game is so smooth that you do not realize his "flow" is going at a decent pace.

And the "champagne's always cold," because Nash is never going to win a title and that shit is going to stay on ice.

3. The Miami Heat Big 3- "Fight for Your Right to Party" Beastie Boys

"Coach [Spoelstra] wants us to work, and we just wanna chill" said Chris Bosh early in the season.

Miami is still fighting for the right to party, with a 2 and 10 record against the major contenders this season and trying to take their talents and their dancing skills to South Beach.

Spoelstra is the uncool parents and the Big 3 are the Beastie Boys, trashing the place, partying.

Their game fits this song, as it is fast-paced and often messy.

4. Ray Allen - "Dear Mama" Tupac

Every Celtics' home game is like an ode from Ray Allen to his mother.

She is just about always there supporting him and shouting praise from the stands.

And for Ray Allen, there is "no way [he] could pay [her] back" and through the NBA "drama there is no way [Ray] can always depend on [his] mama."

5. Amar'e Stoudemire and Carmelo Anthony - "Rapper's Delight" Sugar Hill Gang

The New York Knicks play a care-free run and gun game that is as light as the first song to take rap commercial.

Like this song, the Knicks have no depth and do not worry about defense of their home.