My Other Blogs

I write a number of other blogs, which include:

A Rose in the Concrete- A poetry blog featuring a variety of different topics. It contains both narrative and abstract poetry, with more emphasis on the narrative. The most prevalent themes are The Middle East, Islam, Love and Social Commentary.

The America We Know (And the Americans We Are Still Discovering) - covers economic, political and cultural aspects of the greatest country the world has ever known. But, do not see this as a puff blog for America. It will have some hard-hitting critiques of these fields.

Women Have Fun (And Men Can, Too!) - This blog is my attempt to write from the female perspective about issues that confront mid 20's to early 30's women. The blog places an emphasis on (especially) psychology as well as economics and lifestyle.

Lessons from Peace by Peace Submission - goes over the historical and cultural underpinnings of Islam. (Tends to stay away from the literal underpinnings of the Quran.)

You can see all my special editions articles at (there is an underscore between the f and the e) by checking the site or getting free e-mail updates by subscription. I plan to add one article plus a month about any of the above topics. These articles will not be available on my regular blogs.

Hope all is well and hope you enjoy!