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BANA'A: The Sudanese Educational Empowerment Network, seeks to provide an undergraduate education in the United States to multiple Sudanese scholars to return to Sudan after their studies are complete in order to work against the cycles of violence and genocide. Bana'a is greatly enhanced by the fact that these students network with each other every summer in Washington D.C. The two current Banaa Scholars are Mo Hassan at the University of Rochester and Makwei Mabioor Deng, the inaugarul Bana'a Scholar, at Washington University.

Bana'a is a credible and well-established organization, honored by such organizations as "The Clinton Global Initiative."

Bana'a does maintain tax-exempt status through George Washington University, so any donation you make will provide you with a tax-break. Click here to donate.


Jeremy Maus of Mountain West Connection has a son with autism, periventricular leukomalacia and mild cerebral palsy. He is trying to raise money in order to get his son a service dog so that his son does not wander off or get lost. This is a cause worthy of your attention and donation if you can afford it. You can read Jeremy's take on the subject and learn how to donate at

You can also re-post this message or a similar one to your own blog or to your facebook page in order to drive more traffic to his page.


Beyond the Ball is a program that attempts to combine basketball and other youth sports to give children leadership and other types of skills. In their own words:

"Beyond the Ball empowers urban youth to transform their community, not escape it.

We've been in existence since 2000. Programming is very intentional about going beyond just giving youth something to do. Sports leagues and clinics grow youth into leaders. Classes, experience trips and mentoring give students practical skills and ideas for success in life.

Beyond the Ball can point to many of our alumni as proof of our success. Several of the youth involved since Beyond the Ball's inception are now attending or have graduated college. Many have returned to the West Side and found employment, bringing stability to the community."

I have not had direct contact with a Beyond the Ball employee, youth or parents of the youth, so I do not know its effectiveness myself.

I heard of Beyond the Ball on a program about health on CNN (you can find this video on their website, Beyond the Ball has also been recognized by other programs and people, which they explain in the following quotation:

"Project Play Program honored as Most Courageous Use of Sport Award

Beyond the Ball was selected as the winner in a worldwide competition for the "Most Courageous use of Sport" created by Beyond Sport, a global organization that promotes, develops and funds the use of sport to create positive social change across the world. Beyond Sport's ambassadors include Tony Blair, Derek Jeter, Senator Bill Bradley, and many others highly involved in athletics and positive change. We're grateful to be recognized in this way. Learn more about Project Play here."

You can donate here. (DO NOT donate if you cannot afford to or you know a charity more to your liking.)