Thursday, February 24, 2011

Why the Slow Down in Posting and When Are the Basketball Bloggers' Awards?

I am in the middle of looking at new options for web design and hosting to improve the quality of this site.

I want to keep the feature you see in the right column on the new site hosted on my own domain.

As such, I will be unable to post for the next couple weeks.
This, along with some personal commitments both Neil Paine and New York Vinnie (2 of my 3 judges for the awards), will delay the bloggers' awards. Luke Ewalt has already voted so we have 1 down of 3! And I have 4 or 5 descriptions of nominations to finish.

I will update you on the progress of these thing as soon as possible.

Also, my friend Patrick Antoine has designed a sick logo for the awards. I will release it within the next week and give you my contact information if you are interested in Pat designing a logo for your own blog or website. He is inexpensive and very good.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Mellow Out On Melo

In Bill Simmons' recent mailbag, he agreed with a reader that called Carmelo Anthony a "13 year-old, manipulative girl."

You Have a Job and You Want to Go Somewhere Else

So, you have a job and you want to go somewhere else. You have told your boss's about this 9 months in advance. You have told them money is not an issue, the issue is both location and being on a cutting-edge team in order to do your best work. You have told them your wife does not like the location. You have told them you want to be closer to home. And you have told them all this without spreading it around the office that the people you work for just simply are not making the cut anymore.

Are You Being Manipulative?

What have you done that has manipulated the situation for your benefit? You did not negotiate with your bosses in order to artificially raise the price on your services. You are still giving your all at work everyday. You have given them 9 MONTHS instead of the two-week notice in order for them to prepare for your departure. You have made clear the reasons that they cannot retain your services.

Why Do We Hold Athletes to a Different Standard?

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Back to BAasics

I may be the only one
on the court to wear
beat up running shoes recommended
by my doctor for my weary knees.

The rest of the guys
wear younger shoes
in more colorful hues
like white and yellow
or black and red

and attached to their shoes
are names like Melo
or Jordan or Lebron or Kobe,
while my name is basic,
my shoes simply a pair of Aasics.

And they make pretty plays
in their pretty shoes-
for they do not fear to lose
because they forgot to box out
or they are too busy on the offensive end, a pout
preventing them from transition d.

But who needs defense,
when you look so pretty?
Just need shoes, the right color, the rights hues
and a name to fit thee.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Pickup Speak

There are many things
one hears
between the bouncing of the basketball,
some are light, little notes
the player gives himself,
like "follow-through,"
or "box-out,"

most often,
these notes are during a bad day-
and quickly become "C'mon Billy!"
or they begin to blame their opponents,
"What the fuck, Collins!
Ease off me," they say,
calling a foul.

Then there are the point guards,
always the encouragers on offense,
saying "nice shot!" or "good re!"
to their teammates,
and also calling for a
"pick and roll," or "pick and pop."

And on defense it is the bigs,
warning "pick left,"
or "give him help,"
or "box out!"
to the guards who allow their man
to get into the paint and steal the rebound.

Then there are the Ray Allens of the court,
who run around endlessly,
whose defender the bigs on defense have to warn
of picks, whose point guard can no longer tell him
"nice shot!" because of the sheer energy it takes
to shout that so many times,
and Jesus Shuttlesworth
running around the court with those soft footsteps,
the only talking he does
when the ball kisses the net.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Why Do I Want the Mavericks to Swap Kidd for Nash?

Nash is a great player, as evidenced by his two M.V.P.s (even thought I do not think he deserved these.) At 36, he is still playing near or at the level of these seasons. He does everything you want from your point guard on the offensive end: he penetrates at will, he does not overdribble, he keeps the ball moving and, most importantly, he makes the right decisions. He also has the added benefit of shooting like an elite shooting guard.

Kidd was a great player, he is no longer the type that can dribble penetrate, he still makes good decisions but he has been ravaged by declining skills and his offensive role has basically been relegated to spot-up specialist.

Why, then, would I love to see a swap of Kidd for Nash so that if my Celtics meet the Mavericks in the Finals they would have a much better chance at winning?

Thursday, February 3, 2011

KD: What Other Famous People Were Doing at the Age Durant Is Going to Win His Second Scoring Title

Obama: graduating from Columbia University

Eminem: cooking and dishwashing at Gilbert's Lodge

Edgar Allen Poe: raising $170 from his fellow cadets to pay for his 3rd volume of poetry

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Who Is the Most Important Player on the Miami Heat?

The most important of the Heat 3 is Chris Bosh. He is not near as effective a player as Wade or Lebron. The reason he fulfills the title as "Heat's Most Important Player" is his strategic importance.

As I discuss in "Top 10 Isolation Players," Wade and Lebron fill very similar roles for the Heat. Bosh fulfills a unique role that the Heat cannot do without.