Thursday, February 3, 2011

KD: What Other Famous People Were Doing at the Age Durant Is Going to Win His Second Scoring Title

Obama: graduating from Columbia University

Eminem: cooking and dishwashing at Gilbert's Lodge

Edgar Allen Poe: raising $170 from his fellow cadets to pay for his 3rd volume of poetry

Bill Gates: personally wrote lines of code in his business center in Albuquerque, Nex Mexico

Alexander the Great: Had just passed into Asia Minor with his army (modern day Turkey)

Shakespeare: was at the beggining of his "lost years" which lasted until he was 28

Che Guevara: was touring Argentina on a "motorcycle" (really a bicycle with a motor attached to it)

The Prophet Muhammed (Peace Be Upon Him): 3 years away from marrying his first wife, Khadijah, and 18 years away from what he considered adulthood, when he was revealed the first lines of the Quran

Johnny Cash: selling appliances and studying to be a radio announcer

Tupac Shakur: just getting the Thug Life crew together

Mozart- was travelling around Paris, increasing his debt while looking for a job

Martin Luther King Jr.- plagiarizing whole lines of his thesis in order to graduate college

Malcolm X- earned the nickname "Satan" in prison for his disdain of religion, one year away from beginning to tell people about Islam

Sigmund Freud- 2 years away from starting to smoke CIGARETTES. (I don't think he ever would have become famous if he stuck to cigarettes and did not switch to cigars)

Michael Jackson looked like this