Thursday, February 24, 2011

Why the Slow Down in Posting and When Are the Basketball Bloggers' Awards?

I am in the middle of looking at new options for web design and hosting to improve the quality of this site.

I want to keep the feature you see in the right column on the new site hosted on my own domain.

As such, I will be unable to post for the next couple weeks.
This, along with some personal commitments both Neil Paine and New York Vinnie (2 of my 3 judges for the awards), will delay the bloggers' awards. Luke Ewalt has already voted so we have 1 down of 3! And I have 4 or 5 descriptions of nominations to finish.

I will update you on the progress of these thing as soon as possible.

Also, my friend Patrick Antoine has designed a sick logo for the awards. I will release it within the next week and give you my contact information if you are interested in Pat designing a logo for your own blog or website. He is inexpensive and very good.