Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Who Is the Most Important Player on the Miami Heat?

The most important of the Heat 3 is Chris Bosh. He is not near as effective a player as Wade or Lebron. The reason he fulfills the title as "Heat's Most Important Player" is his strategic importance.

As I discuss in "Top 10 Isolation Players," Wade and Lebron fill very similar roles for the Heat. Bosh fulfills a unique role that the Heat cannot do without.

Bosh is so important because his midrange shooting pulls a big man from the paint. This allows Wade and Lebron to attack in the most effective aspect of their games: dribble penetration that leads to finishing at the basket.

Without Bosh in the mix, the Heat have no one that can pull a big man from the basket. Udonis Haslem can provide a little space with his 12 to 15 foot range, This is not nearly as much space as Bosh provides.

Without Bosh in the mix, teams can load up the paint with bigs to stop Wade's and Lebron's penetration. No, you are not going to stop them. You can severely limit their impact on a game.

Bosh is also so important because the Heat do not have a great point guard. A point guard can do a lot of the same things strategically a big man who can stretch the floor can do. With dribble penetration, he can clear the paint and then draw out a big man by kicking the ball out to a wing and coming out of the paint.

The Heat have made the right decision in starting Chalmers over Arroyo. He will do a better job at this important strategical aspect than Arroyo. He still cannot come near what Bosh brings to the table in enhancing the game of Wade or Lebron.