Thursday, January 13, 2011

What to Wear and How to Act like What You Wear

I, like many die-hard fans, GO CRAZY when I go to a Celtics game or any sporting event, for that matter, and people at the event are wearing button down shirts that are not even the same color as the team they are cheering for. WHERE'S YOUR SPIRIT?!!?!? At the very least, if you are going to a game for your hometown team, wear something that is the same color of the team. If you have their gear on hand, wear that. And if you can afford to dress and act like a maniac, that is the most preferable solution of all. Your team will get a psychological and tactical edge the louder and crazier you get.

If you are coming to cheer on a road team YOU HAVE TO at the very least have a jersey of that team, or if you cannot afford a jersey a t shirt with their logo or even a white t with the name of one of their players on it. Do not come to my hometown team's game and be a lukewarm fan for the other team. At the very least, I want to respect you and hate you for coming to the game.

Your standard of minimal fansmenship is determined by what you wear. For instance, if you decide to only wear your team's color (the minimal level of the dress code) you are allowed to give apathetic "defense" cheers and applauds, but you are still required to go along with the rest of the crowd in this facet.
If you are wearing a jersey or anything else with a team logo on it, you have to be enthusiastic when the stadium tells you to get on your feet and applaud or to pound the floor with your feet.

And finally, if you are dressed like a maniac, ACT LIKE A MANIAC!!!!!!

You should be so loud half the people around you are starting to get on their feet and the other half should be complaining that you are wrecking the game. Players on the other team should be worried that you might kidnap them coming out of the locker room if they are having a good game (which, of course, you shouldn't do! Just act like you would.) You should be so crazy that someone, if they knew nothing about basketball and were placed in the stadium, would think the game was game 7 of the NBA Finals.

And mostly, you should be so timely crazy, that you can help your team save a point or two during the game, and ultimately give your behavoir a chance at swinging the game your team's way.