Thursday, April 28, 2011

Eulogy: 2011 76ers

Dear friends, families and opponents,

we are gathered here to honor the Doug Collins' first year job with the 76ers.

Doug Collins has done it again, taken an underperforming group of basketball players, turned the franchise around in his first year, and like he did with the Bulls, the Pistons and the Wizards, he will work them into champion form.

What, those teams did not win championships? The players ran Doug Collins out of town by his third year every time because he worked them into the ground? You say he is the coach most able to take the goodwill he builds up in the first year and somehow have it all come crashing down against him?

The 76ers played inspiring D this season and got out on the fast break. They probably did more conditioning this year than any NBA team, a la Collins style.

They never gave up in their series against the Heat, and put in an inspiring performance despite being bounced out by the fifth game.

We have seen this story before, and guess what, it will end the same way.

Doug Collins works a team to its full potential, it does better than everyone expected, the team becomes disappointed and disillusioned Collins cannot take it over the hump and that he works them too hard and then he is run out of town.

The 76ers are hoping they are of the Bulls' and Pistons' type, who both won titles a few short years after Collins was run out of town.

They are hoping they are not the Wizards type, because, well, you know where they are at right now.